We bring together established and emerging filmmakers, performers, artists, artisans, strategists, designers, gamers, programmers and all visual thinkers looking to push the boundaries of what a story can be.

  • Investigate experimental
    structures and formats of visual
    storytelling in teams
  • Advance your
    rapid prototyping skills
  • Explore new frameworks
    of thinking that transcend media
  • Network with like-minded
    professionals from a range
    of creative communities

 How it All Works

Story Of/ is a weekend-long storytelling workshop intensive and ongoing research project, where makers & thinkers from all walks of life and creative backgrounds come together to challenge their communication skills. Curated teams will work together to produce narrative prototypes in any media under creative constraints and a guiding theme.<

Photos from 2018 Event
"X Marks the Spot?"


Story mentors give insights to teams throughout the weekend, and esteemed judges give feedback at the end of the event.


Past Judges

Past Mentors


"A really great way to get out of your comfort zone and prioritize story over technology, technique, and ego."
Ricky Morales, Story Of/ 2018
Founder & Director of AltSalt Digital Literature Studio
"This experience was a chance to go deeply into the process of telling a story along with how other people tell their stories and blend the ideas together to discover a more universal layer to the narrative. The way this experience was organized enabled me to get out of my own way and see my own attitude to working with the creative process with a team from a fresh perspective."
John Lloyd, Story Of/ 2017
Artist & Designer
"It was an intense weekend where I learned the importance of presenting your story to others. If it's great but you can't explain it, that takes away from it."
Olivia Mercado, Story Of/ 2018
Graphic Designer
"The mix of skills in our group was really balanced so it was enjoyable to play to people’s strengths and work efficiently. I rediscovered how much I like collaboration. The skills of the group led to the format which Influenced the story."
Thomas Slattery, Story Of/ 2017
Writer & Storyboard Artist

Application & Fees

Applications will open in October. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis, and then will need to confirm by paying a registration fee to secure their spot. 

Story Of/ Mediators

Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox

Story Development Artist & Graphic Novelist, Illustrator | Chair, SVA MFA Visual Narrative

Nathan Fox is an award-winning illustrator, Eisner nominated comic book artist and chair of the MFA Visual Narrative Program at the School of Visual Arts. Nathan is the co-creator and artist on The Weatherman comic book series through Image Comics. His clients include Rolling Stone, The NY Times, EW, Nike, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Scholastic Graphix, GQ, Rockstar Games and more.

Jenny Goldstick

Jenny Goldstick

Designer & Illustrator

Jenny Goldstick is an artist, designer,
and educator. She is the creator of the acclaimed interactive graphic memoir, This is My Memory of First Heartbreak, Which I Can’t Quite Piece Back Together. In addition to creating graphics for a wide range of clients, including Penguin Books, the NYC Mayor’s Office, and the Environmental Defense Fund, she is an MFA Instructor at the School of Visual Arts.

Questions & Queries?

Whether you have questions about the workshop, how to apply or sponsorship opportunities - Drop a line! We would love to hear from you!

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